Classroom Management Ideas, Resources and Tips
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"Classroom management refers to all of the things a teacher does to organize students, space, time, and materials so that instruction in content and student learning can take place." (Harry Wong)

Fred Jones: Tools for Teaching Discussion
Decide which of the following topics/ideas is most relevant for discussion with mentor - classroom management system, exploiting proximity, creating independent learners, raising expectations, building classroom structure, setting limits, producing responsible behavior

Classroom Management (taken from ACTFL Mentoring Program – Elements of Teaching Practice)
  • Successful teachers give clear and consistent cues to elicit student language production
  • Effective teachers clearly communicate behavioral expectations to their students and maintain a positive classroom environment conducive to learning.
  • Successful world language teachers use the physical setting of their classroom as an instructional tool.
  • Visuals and artifacts are displayed along with student work.
  • Seating arrangements and work stations can be easily changed depending on the various activities happening in the classroom.
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Resources - Websites

Kay ButlerHS Mathematics and MS/HS Pre-Engineering teacher, from South LouisianaGroup Folders

My classroom is set up with relatively large tables that seat four students, so my students are assigned to work in specific groups for several days at a time. So, I make use of "Group Folders" - Students come in, get their group folders and begin working on the first task of the day (usually a Warm-Up or task).
These group folders are used to distribute, store, and collect group and individual work on a regular basis, reducing the likelihood that work is lost or misplaced. Since students put their group's handouts in the front pocket, I can easily transfer them from one class to another quickly, cutting down on the amount of paper used for non-consumable handouts when laptops are not being used for group work (PBL Entry documents, instruction sheets, rubrics, etc. - these are posted online for access by students outside of class) - I usually issue two per group (student pairs sitting on the same side of the table share them) and reuse the same handouts for multiple classes.
I use a hanging file caddy to organize their folders . . . making access and organization of work quick and easy.
I also set up group caddies ahead of time, allowing for the quick distribution of specific materials needed during group work. An index card listing the materials is included, so students can check to make sure everything has been placed back in the caddies prior to returning them to the storage area.

Resources - Books

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